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Here’s what some of our members have to say

“I brought my son along to EWF after our doctor had recommended martial arts lessons. My son has dyspraxia and our doctor had explained to me that martial arts had shown certain benefits for children like my son. It has certainly helped a lot”

Phoebe Roberts



“My two children started last year. I had to get them into something as they had so much energy. This has really helped them channel that extra energy and calm them down. I can tell they understand what is expected from them from the moment they arrive at the club and they bow”

Mrs Richards



“My son’s confidence has improved so much, he is like a different kid. Taking him to lessons was the best decision I ever made”

Andrew Shield



“I train twice a week and haven’t missed a lesson in months. I’m an adult and started martial arts to get in shape. It’s been great and I haven’t stopped to look back once”

Dave Birch



“I’d wanted to try something a bit different to get back in shape. I’d previously been to the gym, but it wasn’t my thing, so I booked a lesson with EWF. I hadn’t done anything like this before and I was really nervous before my first class, but I loved the way the instructor reassured me and let me work at my own pace. Now I am much fitter, but my instructor still keeps me challenged in class and focused on new targets”

Joanne R



“My little girl started lessons 12 months ago and her concentration has improved loads. Her mum and I are really impressed with her progress”

Steven Hayward



“I highly recommend EWF Martial Arts. I have been training with them for several years now and I’m still as motivated as day one. I LOVE the adult courses because we don’t just do the same thing lesson after lesson. The variety keeps me interested and keeps me coming back every week”

Suzanne Berry