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Q. My child lacks concentration, will he/she be able to participate?

A. Absolutely, EWF Karate will improve your child’s concentration, helping them in every area of their life.

Q. I am an adult that has never (or not for a long time) been involved in sports. Can I do this?

A. Yes, our beginner courses cater for the total novice right up to people with high levels of fitness. Our courses will enhance your overall level of fitness, training muscle groups specific and non-specific to martial arts training.

Q. I am 52, am I too old to start?

A. Definitely not. We have hundreds of students ranging from 4 to 64. Lots of students start later in life and progress through to Black Belt.

Q. My child has suffered from Bullying, will this help?

A. Definitely. EWF Karate will enhance your child’s confidence and self esteem. Children that are more confident are rarely picked on or singled out by bullies and the vast majority of students find that without ever needing to use the physical side of their martial arts, that they can still protect themselves from being bullied.

Q. I’ve done martial arts before, will I have to start from the beginning?

A. We usually maintain a student’s rank from their previous martial art, but this may vary depending on time away etc, so we prefer to see how students get on with our curriculum before we make our decision.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. We have a variety of different courses to suit all budgets.

Q. How, where and when can I get started?

A. It’s easy just contact us now and we’ll arrange your first free taster lesson.