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We’d like to take a moment and personally welcome YOU to East West Freestyle Martial Arts. When you start training with us you’ll have the opportunity to develop Top Class Martial Arts, Confidence, Discipline, Fitness and Self Defence – You’ll get it all.


Training in the martial arts helps build rock solid confidence. Repetition of positive and assertive body language in lessons through martial art moves enhances a student’s self esteem. It is no coincidence that martial art students almost always go on to Leadership positions in work, education and other sports & activities.


Experts continue to be impressed at how martial art training can enhance a person’s concentration and their ability to apply themselves in work or study environments. The lessons provide the structure required to instill and enhance these character traits. Experts are continuously recommending martial arts for children with learning and concentration difficulties, as its benefits are becoming more and more well known.


With childhood obesity on the increase and the majority of adults failing to be inspired by the regular health club and gym memberships, it is a refreshing change to find an activity like martial arts. It offers the ability of increasing your overall fitness, toning up, losing weight and is also a great way to relieve stress.


Martial Arts draws its roots from real combat training, and has always been considered the best way of keeping a person safe. The world in which we live continues to change and evolve, it only makes sense that we way we protect ourselves does to. EWF Martial Arts’ self defence curriculum includes drills that emulate situations that we may find ourselves in, whether aged 4 or 40, and covers how to diffuse arguments and resolve situations without conflict. Along side Karate, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts skills EWF also covers a very powerful collection of strikes that are easy to learn and perform under pressure, just in case a situation ever spills over into a physical attack.

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